Welcome to Ibrahim Goat Farm
Our heartiest greetings and welcome to the one and only place IBRAHIM goat farm where you could meet and look around for the choosiest and best goats of best breeds.The love for goat and enthusiasm to know more about the animal and get the best results on their health and weight we have managed to sort the best breeds for these results. Hence we specially maintain the selected breeds like Sojat, Boer,Black Boer,Sirohi,Jamnapari and Osmanabadi.

With all this in mind and the love in heart for goats the farm was developed with no intentions for any commercial purpose and just a hobby. Since the quantity of pets increased we opted out for those who think alike for these beautiful animals so as to meet up the feeding and maintenance cost.Ibrahim goat farm is specialised in building and selling goat farm equiptments like goat house, goat pens, Injections and other tools. Also, we sell medicines which prevent diseases and help the livestock in having a better growth and a greater life span.

Our Business Plan :
We  do Farm design & constructions for goat , sheep and dairy farms in india by undertaking contracts. Our company pays a special care & focus for beginners by providing crystal clear consultancy, training & complete guidance along with practical exposures on topics related to goat farm management, livestock management, fodder management, feeding management, nutrition management, health management , breeding management & kidding management by implementing modern methods of farming technology, so where the beginners can become as well trained professionals & achieve maximum benefits marching towards profitable income & successful future for the capital investment done on the project.
Vision: To promote goat farming in Maharashtra as there is a gap in supply chain and the poor farmers

Mission: To promote the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H) and his love towards animals

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