Besides having good quality of breeds, its also important to feeds them with the best quality feed. In our farm, goats are stall fed to reduce wastage of their energy which results in good weight gain Mostly they are fed with hay, forage or grains like barley, wheat and many more. Providing the goats with grains helps them when they are pregnant or lacting as it provides them with extra vitamins and minerals and boosts milk production which helps their babies to be healthy and grow up faster.


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The utensils in which they are feeded are cleaned each time before giving them to eat or drink so that hygiene is maintained and the goats are safe from any type of infection or diseases.There are all naturally healthy organic goats at Ibrahim Goat Farm.
Types of Feeds we provide our goats with :
We can provide you with feed-
IBRAHIM GOAT FARM benefits both farmers and feed suppliers in the buying and selling of their commodities or commodity blends. By moving the process here, to a centralized online marketplace, farmers gain easy access to us and we guarantee the best possible price for the feeds, and an efficient system to get it delivered when it’s needed.

Step 1: (Contact us)- ( ibrahimgoatfarm@gmail.com / Phone: 9221471060 ) We will make an entry with your name in our database.

Step 2: (Select your choice)- After your entry is made, we will email you with a range of feeds which we supply with the prices (Completely negotiable based on certain conditions. eg: Your farm (far or near to us).) and you can choose what is suitable for your livestock.

Step 3: (Place an order)- After you have selected what your want is, you can place an order (on Phone no : 9221471060 ). Stating the quantity reqired and duration of repeat order.

Step 4: (Mode of payment)- We will provide you with our bank details, full payment should be made before delivery.

Step 5: (Delivery)- Once the transaction is done, you product will be delivered to you doorsteps within a weeks time . Delivery charges as appicable.

Step 6: (Next order)- Next time when you order your feed, no need to repeat the complete procedure again. Just let us your serial number and say "REPEAT MY ORDER"

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